Can today’s companies survive without technology?

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Technology and question marksStrange question…I know…but it is worth asking.

After all, companies today place great emphasis on the use of many of today’s technologies to conduct meetings, hold conferences, develop new products, and conduct other regular business activities. Various technologies have helped companies take advantage of more revenue-generating opportunities, increase their profitability by saving time and money, increase the safety and well-being of staff, and improve overall productivity.

So, can today’s companies survive without technology? How did they survive before technology?

Before technology, businesses gained long-termed clients by meeting them in person, focussing intently on and providing products and services that met their clients’ needs, and if something broke down, personally delivering a replacement or sending in a qualified trades person to fix the problem. The key to success back then was primarily a raw focus on people –both the people they aim to service as well as the people that worked to make the company a success. Old fashioned? Maybe. But some of these old fashioned people-focused tactics could still be key in providing a competitive edge for some of today’s companies.

But can today’s companies survive without technology?

It is almost a chicken and egg question. Today’s technologies exist because of people. People created them to meet needs that were not being met as efficiently as they otherwise could be met. At the same time, the success of technology has been based on people using the technologies for meeting unmet needs.

My point is this: Over time, companies have gone from one extreme to the next. Some companies accredit technologies for their successes while others accredit the people. But I would suggest that the most successful and most competitive companies are the ones that have a healthy respect and appreciation for both.

So can today’s companies survive without technology? You decide.


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