Month: May 2015

Good Project Managers Sweat the Details

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Project Manager Checklist
Checklist for any Office Move or Office Renovation

Have you ever looked at your office space and thought, “I think the kitchen/kitchenette area would look better and serve our staff more conveniently if it was shifted over a few feet”? Or maybe, “it should only take a few days to move into our brand new office space and be fully operational by Monday”? If you have, then you need a good project manager take care of the details and make it happen.

What is a good project manager”? Well for an office move, renovation or reconfiguration, a good project manager is one that looks at a project and thinks about all the details that no one else would think of to get from the project’s starting point to its desired end.

For example, my client that wanted the office’s kitchen area moved over approximately 50ft was surprised when I quoted her the estimated cost of $50,000 and responded, “Can’t you just unplug the kitchen unit from here, cut an outlet and plug it back into the new spot?”   What she didn’t realize is that her request would require some extensive reconstruction and rewiring behind the wall before a new outlet could be created and her kitchen area successfully moved over the 50ft.

A good project manager sweats the details so that neither you nor your staff has to. In an office move, for example, a good project manager would call in, coordinate and manage all the necessary engineers and construction professionals to

  • wire or rewire the electrical to PEng standards to better suit your business needs,
  • build new offices or take down walls to create an open office space,
  • install and test phone and data lines to accommodate complex phone systems, computer servers and connections to and from each planned work station,
  • activate utilities
  • dismantle and reassemble workstations
  • pack and move furniture
  • check and change all florescent light fixtures
  • paint
  • clean, shampoo the carpets, polish the floors, and wash the windows
  • ensure office temperature is optimal for your staff and equipment

So, if an office move or reconstruction of your 2000 – 25,000sqft office space is a remote consideration, don’t sweat it.  Instead let an office move/office reconstruction project manager sweat the details for you.


DJ McGauley and Associates Inc. is your Office Move, Reconstruction and Reconfiguration Project Management Company of choice for the Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. If an office move or reconstruction of your 2000 – 25,000sqft office space is a remote consideration, consider contacting us to arrange a no-obligation site meeting. We guarantee that by the end of that meeting you will know all that would be required to make your office move/reconstruction project a successful reality.

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