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Happy Halloween from D.J. McGauley & Associates where no project is too spooky!

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D.J. McGauley is a dedicated team of professionals providing Design and Space Planning, Renovation, Relocation and Facilities Management services to our clients. Based in Toronto, we provide the same excellent professional and personalized service, whether office relocation is down the street or across the GTA.  We work with both small and mid-sized companies to save time and money, as well as enjoy a stress-free corporate transition or corporate renovations experience.

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Our project management team handles all the details from design to permitting, tendering and construction management. Whether your doing a small reno or a full build out, our experienced team will work with you, building management and trades to ensure your ideas come to reality on time and on budget. We take care of the details while allowing you to focus on your business.

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5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Designing Their Offices

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5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Designing Their Offices
5 Common Mistakes Companies Make When Designing Their Offices

Planning for the correct amount of storage

Understand what you are storing, why you are storing it and make sure it’s not just a catch all place for all the indecisions your staff make. Storage is too often used to conceal clutter. Effective storage creates efficiencies while creating an environment that is both esthetically appealing and practical.  Different storage solutions can provide time saving functionality that boosts productivity and frees up space for other office uses.

Getting employee input

The right office design will help make your business run better.

Involve employees in deciding how the space will look and feel. Employees often have insights into what an operation needs and may have that wasn’t obvious before but may prove valuable. Their involvement in decision-making gives them a voice in something meaningful which increases engagement and improves performance.

Talk to your employees and ask how the old space has worked. Which features have been good or bad, and why do they feel that way? Don’t assume the old layout is necessarily the best to help drive business. Also consider letting employees name common areas such as conference rooms. That way, they can put their stamp on the space.

If you have the time and resources, consider setting up some common work areas, each decorated in one of the color schemes most popular among employees. They can then try the different settings to see how they feel about them.

Besides giving employees a voice in the new office’s aesthetics, encourage them to discuss practicalities, too. Ask for a wish list of items for the new space, such as a coffee bar or certain type of storage, which could help make work a better place to be.

Plan for growth

It’s hard to know the future. Often, we are planning to grow, but just how much, how many more staff and what’s the time frame.

When you’re designing your office with growth in mind, it’s important to look at ways in which space can be reconfigured to accommodate differing team sizes. 

It’s crucial to incorporate adaptable, flexible spaces into your present office design. These spaces can be used for ad-hoc meetings or general relaxation areas for existing staff but can also be re purposed as more formal workspace when necessary or for events and presentations.

Think carefully about your office furniture too. Once you have invested all your money in your latest technology or spent a fortune on the best talent, it might be tempting to skimp on the furniture budget. 

Not enough open and/or private spaces

One of the most significant decisions in developing a company’s culture relates to the division of office space. Open space, division into offices, team-based division, mixed offices, a small or a big kitchen – each one of these decisions will affect the way the company functions.

In theory, an open space office sounds like a great idea – an open atmosphere, accessibility for everyone and, of course, an optimal utilization of space. Most open spaces are usually quite noisy and are not that conducive to actual discussions. Many people are easily distracted by every phone call, joke or noise around them.


New open concept designs are often filled with hard surfaces like polished concrete, open ceilings and lots of glass, that give a wonderful open feeling to spaces. But there is downside – increased noise levels.

When noise enters the workspace, creativity and productivity go out the window.  That’s why manufactures of office furniture have thrown themselves into designing elements that limit and absorb excessive noise, creating pleasant workspaces that improve performance. The trend for open-plan designs, particularly in new workspaces, has put sound at the forefront of design.

Another way of combating noise in new open-plan workspaces is by incorporating dividing elements which provide privacy and encourage concentration.  There are different wall panels which offer solutions that provide contemporary designs with the possibility of personalization, as well as improving acoustics.  From acoustical wall treatments to innovative furniture options there are many innovative solutions to improving the sound levels in any office environment.

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October New and Used Office Furniture Sale – Happy Thanksgiving!

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New & Used Office Furniture
Happy Thanksgiving – New & Used Furniture


Click here to see our New and Used Furniture Thanksgiving Specials for October.

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At D. J. McGauley and Associates we maximize a company’s space while controlling costs with an eye toward minimizing disruption to regular business operations. We work with clients to bring together design, affordability and strong project management. Our work isn’t complete with the design process. Our project management team can manage your construction project from start to finish and ensure that your furniture fits your requirements. From initial consultation, to design and execution, our office space planning services will create your ideal work environment. Contact us and we’ll give you your space.

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