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October New and Used Office Furniture Sale – Happy Thanksgiving!

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New & Used Office Furniture
Happy Thanksgiving – New & Used Furniture


Click here to see our New and Used Furniture Thanksgiving Specials for October.

Space Planning & Design in Toronto

At D. J. McGauley and Associates we maximize a company’s space while controlling costs with an eye toward minimizing disruption to regular business operations. We work with clients to bring together design, affordability and strong project management. Our work isn’t complete with the design process. Our project management team can manage your construction project from start to finish and ensure that your furniture fits your requirements. From initial consultation, to design and execution, our office space planning services will create your ideal work environment. Contact us and we’ll give you your space.

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Top 5 Tips for Making Your Workspace ‘Work’ For You

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You must admit.  It is wonderful to get a new computer or laptop, new desk, new office chair or even a new keyboard and mouse for your workspace, but getting these items is not enough to help you work more efficiently.  Even if your workspace has everything you need, getting these items to work for you is necessary for you to work better with them.

So how do you get your workspace to work for you? Well, here are a few tips:

Tip #1 – Make sure your workspace includes a chair with a back rest to support your lower back and is adjusted to a height to facilitate an optimum sitting posture.  An optimum sitting posture is one where your torso to thigh angle is roughly 100 degrees, your feet are flat on the floor or on a foot rest, and your knees are bent at a 90 to 100 degree angle.

Tip#2 – Ensure the h.eight of the desk or table of your workspace is roughly 64cm to 75 cm up from the floor to compliment the optimum sitting posture and facilitate an optimum arm angle of 70 to 90 degrees when working with a keyboard or mouse.

Tip #3 – Whether your workspace includes a laptop or desktop computer, make sure the top of line of text on your screen is adjusted to be at your eye level and is roughly 40cm to 76cm away from you.  Also, your keyboard and mouse should be placed beside each other and positioned so that your wrists are relatively straight when using either of them.

Tip #4 – Have proper lighting in your workspace to minimize eye strain.  If necessary, position a desktop lamp opposite your dominate hand to add sufficient lighting and minimize shadowing to your workspace. Also, control glare by either positioning your workspace beside or parallel to a window to minimize glare from windows, or between rows of overhead florescent lights to prevent glare from them.  Otherwise, you can adjust the angle of your screen or add anti-glare screen protectors to help minimize glare.

Tip #5 – If using a phone or mobile, make sure it is within arm’s reach to reduce repetitive over reaching. Alternately, consider using a headset.

Why settle for an insufficient workspace?  Follow all of these tips and your workspace will ‘work’ towards optimizing your comfort, reducing strain on your body and allowing you to function more efficiently.

Corporate Relocation: On Office Design, Systems Furniture, and Space Planning

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systems furniture, TorontoCorporate relocation is a daunting task that takes a lot of work. Three areas, in particular, require expertise and close attention: office design, systems furniture, and space planning. These are the same areas that D.J. McGauley & Associates pride themselves in, over their competitors in the corporate relocation industry.

Office Design that Makes Sense

Your employees will have countless questions regarding your planned office relocation, mostly centering on one aspect: the office design. For many, their office spaces have become their comfort zone. Naturally, they would be apprehensive about how the new office layout will look like: will their zone of privacy be decreased? Is the new office design comfortable to work at?

D.J. McGauley & Associates Inc understands the importance of office design, as it is one of the crucial steps in the relocation process. This is why feasibility studies and preliminary layouts are given precise attention. Your thoughts and ideas are crucial in the entire design process—and will be balanced with the need for a workplace design that makes sense and enhances productivity.

Precision in Systems Furniture

Your systems furniture has to be handled with care. You cannot afford any accidents or damage to the furniture, as it will disrupt business, and will cost you both lost profits and repair expenses.

Reconfiguring the systems furniture and installing new components must be done by a highly skilled and trained team. The team must be able to break down and seamlessly re-assemble the furniture from the old office to the new one. This is an expertise of the professionally trained team of D.J. McGauley & Associates.

Specialization in Space Planning

The problem faced by most businesses who relocate without corporate relocation specialists is most apparent in space planning. These businesses realize that their preferred office layout does not conform to the prospective floor plate, leading them to make many compromises.

D.J. McGauley & Associates makes no such mistakes, making use of engineering and structuring layouts to ensure that the layout you want matches with the space of your new office.