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Times Are Changing

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As we all try to stay ahead of the many changes in our lives as we live through COVID-19.
Many companies are asking what do we do with our offices?
How do we bring people back to the office?
Should we bring people back at all?
What accommodations do we need to make to our space to make people feel comfortable to come back?
Should we reduce our office size?
How many staff should stay home and for how long?

These are difficult questions with not always a straight forward answer.

Many of our clients are making modifications to their work space to address social distancing. Others are reducing the real estate foot print planning to keep a portion of there staff working for home permanently.

If you need to modify your office space with a social distancing floor plan, and or furniture to accommodate your staff’s needs, or if you are looking to down size your space?

We can help!!
New space plans to accommodate social distancing
Modifications to your furniture i.e., adding panel separators to your existing furniture
Replacement furniture that helps to keep your employees safe
Moving to a new space that better severs your needs

We would be glad to be of service!

Stay safe!

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Walls and Wall Coverings That Can Expand Your Company’s Horizons

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If creative thinking, big-idea generation and collaboration are strong elements you wish to introduce or enhance within your organization’s corporate culture, don’t allow yourself or your collaborative team to hit a wall. Instead let them write on it!

Designers have recently developed wall coverings that will allow your team to write on your walls without compromising the professional image of your business.

Introducing the dry erase wall.


Already existing in newer, trendier conference rooms and hotels, the dry erase wall can be created in one of two ways. One is with the application of specially engineered gloss paint, available in a variety of colours, which dries into a hard surface, so hard that dry erase markers and erasers can be used on it. The second is a dry erase vinyl wall covering which is applied to your existing wall much like a peel and stick wallpaper. Both applications are fairly economical.

If dry erase walls don’t fit your corporate image or culture, then you can consider turning your walls into chalkboard walls.

Similar to the dry erase wall, the chalkboard wall can be applied either in paint form or as a vinyl peel and stick wall covering. The paint is more of a specially engineered flat paint that when dry allows one to use a variety of chalks and chalk erasers on it. Both the paint and vinyl applications are available in black or green.

Both types of walls have their advantages.

For one, they are limitless and flexible in size and colour. Your dry erase or chalkboard walls can be as high, wide and long as your existing walls. They are available in a variety of colours so they can easily blend in with your corporate colours. These wall coverings can also be applied on multiple walls, which could encourage your team the think big enough to fill your walls with new, creative and innovative ideas anytime the inspiration hits and anywhere the wall coverings are applied.

In addition, both types of wall coverings can be specially engineered to have multiple uses. Both the dry erase and chalkboard paint and vinyl wall coverings also come in magnetic form. This means that when applied, the walls not only can be written on, but magnet objects can also be applied to the walls to help emphasize and idea or concept. Furthermore, dry erase walls in lower gloss forms can also serve as projection screens, taking presentations to a whole new level.

So, take creativity and idea generation to a new horizon. Consider adding dry erase or chalkboard wall coverings to your office design.

Don’t Be Fooled by a Block Floorplan!

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There are many main factors that come into play when choosing a designer to create and “build” your ideal office space—three of which are pricing, personality and the plan (floorplan that is).

Pricing: This is obvious. You want the best quality for the lowest cost possible (the best bang for your buck).

Personality: Relatively obvious. You want someone who works compatibly with you and your team while working towards realizing your ideal office space.

The Plan: Deceivingly obvious. The designer that presents the most favorable looking floorplan is likely to be the professional you will want to choose. That is the premise most decision-makers bank on. However, many fall into the trap of making their final decision on the wrong floorplan.

Let me explain.

Designers vying for your business will likely present you with a block floorplan.   As the name suggests, a block floorplan is a ceiling-view schematic drawing of an office space with sections “blocked” on the page to represent individual office and workstation areas, bathroom spaces, stairways, elevators, exits, etc.   Some block floorplans may even include top-view drawings of furniture such as a desk or a sofa just to give an idea of furniture placement within each blocked space. Block floorplans are great for providing a conceptual view of how your office space could be laid out, but they do not represent an exact view of your office space simply because they are most often not based on the actual measurements of both your office layout and your furniture.

Now, a block floor plan does have additional benefits: it can reveal to a decision-maker what a designer is capable of creating and may even give some insight to the question of whether or not the designer can identify with your business needs in relation to your office space. However, as a cover letter is with a resume, a block floorplan should be seen as part of an introduction to a designer who could potentially provide a solution to your office space– not as the actual solution to your office space.

Block floorplans may help narrow your choices of designers to use for your office space, but the real determining factor would be in the permit grade design…but we will discuss that in another blog.



Should You Buy New Office Furniture During a Corporate Move?

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outdated office furniture?
Image courtesy of Property Week

During a corporate relocation, you will inevitably ask the question: should you buy new office furniture? Many companies undergoing a corporate relocation will choose to purchase entirely new systems office furniture, while others will hang on to as many pieces as possible. Which decision is right for your company? Here are a couple arguments for and against purchasing new office furniture during an office move.

Keeping the old…

  1. Cost Savings

What do you hate most about the office furniture you have? Will it simply not work in the new space or are you just searching for a new look and feel? It can sometimes be more cost effective to renew instead of replace those worn out or squeaky chairs. If certain pieces can still be freshened up by having them reupholstered and refinished, you get the best of both worlds while saving money along the process.

  1.  You can get LEED points by repairing your furniture

LEED certification gives credits for waste management, recycled content, and materials reuse. You can also get additional credit if you use pieces with lower VOC emissions. If you’re serious about getting LEED-certified—and it’s long been proven that having LEED certification is good for business—then you might want to hold on to your furniture during your corporate relocation.

Bring in the new…

  1. Ergonomics

If the office chairs have seen their years and simply aren’t good for the spine or resting of the arms, etc., then you’re putting the productivity of your employees and, ultimately, the profitability of your company at stake. Invest in your employees’ health by buying new office furniture while also investing in your company’s net worth.

  1. You need a new look now

If you’re moving into a new office with bold colors and a chic design, your old, dated furniture might ruin the entire look you’re going for. If you need a new look and do not have the time to refurbish, or if no amount of work will hide the old-fashioned bones of the furniture, new and contemporary furniture might be exactly what you need to complete the look of your new office.

Corporate Relocation: On Office Design, Systems Furniture, and Space Planning

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systems furniture, TorontoCorporate relocation is a daunting task that takes a lot of work. Three areas, in particular, require expertise and close attention: office design, systems furniture, and space planning. These are the same areas that D.J. McGauley & Associates pride themselves in, over their competitors in the corporate relocation industry.

Office Design that Makes Sense

Your employees will have countless questions regarding your planned office relocation, mostly centering on one aspect: the office design. For many, their office spaces have become their comfort zone. Naturally, they would be apprehensive about how the new office layout will look like: will their zone of privacy be decreased? Is the new office design comfortable to work at?

D.J. McGauley & Associates Inc understands the importance of office design, as it is one of the crucial steps in the relocation process. This is why feasibility studies and preliminary layouts are given precise attention. Your thoughts and ideas are crucial in the entire design process—and will be balanced with the need for a workplace design that makes sense and enhances productivity.

Precision in Systems Furniture

Your systems furniture has to be handled with care. You cannot afford any accidents or damage to the furniture, as it will disrupt business, and will cost you both lost profits and repair expenses.

Reconfiguring the systems furniture and installing new components must be done by a highly skilled and trained team. The team must be able to break down and seamlessly re-assemble the furniture from the old office to the new one. This is an expertise of the professionally trained team of D.J. McGauley & Associates.

Specialization in Space Planning

The problem faced by most businesses who relocate without corporate relocation specialists is most apparent in space planning. These businesses realize that their preferred office layout does not conform to the prospective floor plate, leading them to make many compromises.

D.J. McGauley & Associates makes no such mistakes, making use of engineering and structuring layouts to ensure that the layout you want matches with the space of your new office.