When To Hire a Project Manager?

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Real estate projects, like renovations and relocations, are complex and have many moving parts that can feel overwhelming for even the most seasoned business professional. They’re not typically part of an organization’s routine operations and likely fall outside the scope of day-to-day business. Hiring dedicated, third-party project management will help ensure your real estate project is completed on time and on budget. It’s smart business sense compared to the DIY approach that many businesses take.

Why Not the DIY Approach?

Many business leaders delegate the leadership of their upcoming relocation or renovation project to an internal team member. Unfortunately, they don’t fully understand the complexity and scope of what really needs to happen, and in what order, when renovating or relocating offices. Some immediate red flags are forgetting about IT services or leased goods that may need special permissions to be relocated. There are also legal liabilities when moving out of, and into, buildings. In short, it’s very easy to find yourself in over your head with a hundred issues you had no idea about. Some companies hire a real estate agent to help guide the process. While this is a positive step, there are many more scope and complexity issues to be anticipated and solved than might first appear on the surface.

Anticipating Scope and Complexities

It’s always a good time to hire a project manager when you have a project that is outside your expertise. An experienced project manager will know all the right questions to ask and gather all the answers you It’s always a good time to hire a project manager when you have a project that is outside your expertise. need to decide the future of your business.

Strategic analysis: Project managers establish the business needs, future goals, and objectives of the project. They review existing leases for unique and potentially costly variables. Return to Base or Broom Swept clauses may affect how you leave your current space and how you must leave your future space.   

Cost Analysis: Project managers develop budgets for relocation and renovation options. They anticipate a phased move strategy or determine if alternate office relocations are required during the renovation which can affect the budget.

Planning: A project manager will conduct site assessments, select vendors, negotiate contracts, deal with landlords for alternate temporary space if required, develop timelines for construction or phased relocations and shepherd the project through municipal and safety approvals.

Implementation: Project Managers organize the physical relocation into phases, manage IT requirements, bandwidth, and contracts such as internet/phone/fibre connections, and conduct equipment and furniture relocation and installation. They hire cleaning and disposal services which ensure both paper and electronic information is moved or destroyed securely.

A Project Manager is Your Best Friend

A project manager will develop, communicate, and manage all project timing and action plans. Successful results require field-tested processes and vigilant project implementation standards. That’s what a project manager brings to your renovation or relocation project.  Your project manager serves as your advocate and representative—your single point of contact and accountability—throughout the project lifecycle, working to ensure your best interests.

D.J. McGauley & Associates have decades of experience, which allows us to anticipate project hurdles and proactively address challenges before they become problems. At every stage of the renovation or relocation project, we listen to your business needs and goals to ensure the results add value to your organization. We provide a single point of contact to coordinate all aspects of construction and relocation from start to finish.

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