Month: March 2020

March New & Used Office Furniture Spring 2020

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Click here to see our New and Used Furniture Specials for March.

Shhhhh… Quiet Spaces

The Quiet Spaces product line is basically acoustic art for noisy spaces. The open office has tons of awesome advantages, but you can’t overlook the need for controlling the noise. Quiet Spaces is the perfect solution to help reduce noise in your workspace so your team can focus, and it adds some cool design features too! The product line has products that can hang from the ceiling or products that you can apply to walls to help absorb sound.

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Tayco is Launching New Tables and Metal Colours!

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Tayco has just introduced a new tables collection for more collaborative-focused workplaces. Included in the collection are four brand new tables – Norris, Kip, Koko, and Hanna.




Work from anywhere with Koko. Whether you’re working on a couch, chair or anywhere else in the office, this minimalist laptop table easily adapts to your workspace


For every other table application your workspace needs, look to the highly-configurable Hanna, which comes in a variety of base and surface options to suit your needs.
o make this launch even better, Tayco is introducing new metal colours! These new colours will be available on all four of the new tables, and as accessories on all other Tayco products.