Times Are Changing

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As we all try to stay ahead of the many changes in our lives as we live through COVID-19.
Many companies are asking what do we do with our offices?
How do we bring people back to the office?
Should we bring people back at all?
What accommodations do we need to make to our space to make people feel comfortable to come back?
Should we reduce our office size?
How many staff should stay home and for how long?

These are difficult questions with not always a straight forward answer.

Many of our clients are making modifications to their work space to address social distancing. Others are reducing the real estate foot print planning to keep a portion of there staff working for home permanently.

If you need to modify your office space with a social distancing floor plan, and or furniture to accommodate your staff’s needs, or if you are looking to down size your space?

We can help!!
New space plans to accommodate social distancing
Modifications to your furniture i.e., adding panel separators to your existing furniture
Replacement furniture that helps to keep your employees safe
Moving to a new space that better severs your needs

We would be glad to be of service!

Stay safe!

Michael McGauley
DJ McGauley & Associates Inc.
Office 416-239-1931
Mobile 416-917-5389

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