February New & Used Office Furniture Sale February 2021

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New & Used Office Furniture February Sale

Click here to see our New and Used Furniture Specials for February.

Introducing ezoBord


The trend to create modern collaborative open working environments has created acoustic challenges, intensified by the use of hard reflective surfaces in design. We believe in the importance of providing a comfortable environment to work within, with excellent speech intelligibility, minimal unwanted interruptions, whilst encouraging collaboration.

Ezobord offers a wide range of products suited to office environments, from bespoke branding and images, signature ceiling installations such as the acoustical net, beautiful division options such as the work zone divider, to simple but effective acoustic desk screens.

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D.J. McGauley & Associates Inc. is your Office Space Planning, Renovations and Relocation Project Management Company of choice. If a renovation or relocation of your office space is in your plans, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation site meeting. By the end of that meeting, you will know all that would be required to make your office renovation/relocation project a successful reality.

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