November New and Used Office Furniture Sale

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Click here to see our New and Used Furniture Thanksgiving Specials for November.

Storage Solutions  – Need Extra Space?  

If you have to store files, furniture or any miscellaneous items and don’t have the space in your current office, we can help.  With climate controlled, secure storage, we will take care of your excess content and keep an accurate inventory for you so you know what’s there.If you are renovating your office and need temporary off site storage, we can help. We will break down your furniture, pack your content and store it. Then, when you need it, we will deliver and place your furniture as requested.

If you have seasonal staff, and you need to store the furniture and files during the off-season – we can help.
Call us today at 416-239-1931 or contact us and save value real estate space and money!

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