Corporate Renovations Experts in Toronto

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Many people do not realize the full scope of a corporate relocation specialist’s abilities. Did you know that corporate relocation companies will expertly handle a lot more than office moving? For example, D.J. McGauley & Associates will help not only relocate corporate space but also renovate and/or expand your existing corporate location.

Renovation services you can expect from the consultants at D.J McGauley & Associates include:

  • Practical, cost effective and attractive design options that maximize the use of your current space.
  • Furniture solutions and options that fit your needs and budget.
  • Modernization and updates that fit your corporate image, client base and employee needs.
  • Maximizing light and air quality while promoting worker health and ergonomics

If your company is considering renovating or expanding your existing office space, make the consulting team at D.J. McGauley & Associates the first call you make. We have the experience and the know-how to make your corporate renovation in Toronto or surrounding area a glitch-free success.

For more information about why you should call a corporate relocations specialist, read our last blog post, Does the Success of Your Corporate Relocation Rely on Who You Know?

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