CanTech: Canadian Real Estate Technology Conference Arrives in Toronto

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cantech real estate conference

One week after the Green Real Estate Forum, CanTech, the single-day Canadian Real Estate Technology Conference, is taking place on April 18th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC).

CanTech will provide information and a platform to discuss the major technological advances, trends, issues and opportunities in regards to Canadian commercial real estate. According to the CanTech website,

“This focused program is designed to meet the needs of executives who are responsible for their organization’s technological strategies, as well as individuals who rely on technology for: Asset Management, Leasing / Brokerage, Financing, Development, Investment, Operations, Marketing, Social Media, Risk Management and Data Analytics. All production functions in commercial real estate are directly influenced by technology and proper use of this increases the efficiency of the factors of production.”

There will be a plethora of respected speakers at this conference, an opportunity to obtain RECO Continuing Education (CE) Credits and other educational credits for those who qualify, and plenty of opportunity for discussion and networking.

Here is a copy of the CanTech brochure and a complete program overview.

Will your firm be making an appearance at CanTech on April 18th, 2013?

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