3 Strategies to Retain Customers During a Corporate Relocation

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Don’t let the fear of losing your customers stop you from moving into a new office. If the current office is not in an ideal location or it can no longer sustain your manpower, there is no other option but to relocate.  At D.J. McGauley & Associates, we are dedicated to ensuring that your corporate move is seamless in every aspect. Here are three proven strategies to retain your customers during your corporate relocation.

1. Have a relocation marketing strategy

Your relocation marketing strategy must not only be intense; it must also be well-planned. At least one month prior to the move, you should reprint all your brochures and letterhead with your new address. In addition, change signature files on all outgoing email correspondence to include the new address.

Post announcements about the move in highly visible areas within your current location. Your past customers should also be sent postcards, with highly valuable clients receiving handwritten notes. Print correspondence should be followed up with emails to remind them of the move. All correspondence should visibly highlight the new address.

But it’s not enough for you to tell your employees that you’re moving to a new location—the why matters just as much. Emphasize what moving to a new location means for them: a better quality of service, accessibility, and convenience are among the reasons that you can point out.

2. Hold a Grand Opening event

Lure your existing customers to the new location by holding a special event just for them. Give them discounts, a special sale, or irresistible freebies—anything to get them to attend to your new location. Getting them to your new location is the first step to retaining them.

Once they’ve stepped foot in your new office, talk about the highlights of the new location and why it’s a much better place than the former. Giving customers the VIP treatment while sharing your insights with them will make them feel like they are part of the decision and the reason for the move. This will surely offset any inconvenience caused by your corporate relocation. Involve your existing customers in the “journey”, and reward them for sticking with your brand through and through.

3. Have an online relationship with your customers

Social networking is an extension of your relationship with your customers. Find a way to bridge that gap caused by the corporate relocation: network with them online. Get them to your new location by holding exclusive online discounts and coupons for your loyal customers. If you do not have one already, this might be the perfect opportunity to start a loyalty club, where your customers can track their points through an online platform.

For more tips and strategies to help you stay connected with your customers during a corporate relocation, contact us today. We will help you along every step of your corporate move.

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