7 Post-Office Relocation “Growing Pains” To Avoid

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An office relocation can be quite exciting, especially for a company going through an expansion or just taking the next step to being a bigger player in its marketplace. But with growth comes various types of “growing pains” – some involving the productivity of employees, others relating to the existing physical and technical aspects of the actual office space. While there are many organizational management strategies in place to help the employees through an office expansion, very few businesses have a proactive strategy in place to deal with office space related issues…so I’d like to suggest a few.

First, if your organization is even thinking about going through office relocation, please take into consideration the following:

  • Your company’s current and future business goals
  • The physical and technological aspects a potential office space needs to have in order to best meet your current and future business goals

I can’t even count the number of companies that did not take the time to do the above but instead rushed into a relocation only to encounter one or more of the following problems:

  • Insufficient office space to facilitate growth
  • Insufficient electrical outlets and/or voltage for office equipment
  • Noisy or disruptive heating/cooling system
  • Telecommunications limited or not activated at new site
  • Insufficient internet services available for business needs
  • Lack of transportation options for staff to get to the new location
  • Lack of parking available

All of the above could be avoided by simply taking a proactive approach to your relocation project. That is why over the next few blogs, I will outline more proactive strategies your relocation team can put into effect for each of the above problems even before your organization begins considering a new office space.

Watch for more blogs in the coming weeks!

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