Avoiding the Inadequate Phone Service Post-Move Growing Pain

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If there is one thing a business does not need after moving into a new office space, it is an inactive or inadequate phone service.

The lack of a phone service could mean one of two things:

  1. The phone lines at the new location have not been activated, a result of either
    1. the phone service provider not being aware of your intent to move (which, believe it or not, is quite often the case),
    2. extenuating circumstances rendering the existing phone lines to be temporarily inoperative , or
    3. the lines simply do not exist
  2. The existing phone lines do not have enough capacity to meet your particular business needs

Regardless of the reason, ensuring your new office space has adequate phone service upon move-in requires adding the following to your pre-moving plans:

Have either a member of your organization or a representative of your third party Office Move Management Team contact the local phone service provider to inform them of the following:

  1. Your intent to occupy a new location,
  2. The future address,
  3. The move date, and
  4. Any specific phone service needs that will be required on your new site (e.g. phone lines must accommodate an additional number of phones for new staff members joining after the move date).

We typically recommend that the above be done at least two months prior to your move-in date. That way, your phone service provider has enough time to either ensure the phone lines servicing the new site exist and are adequate to meet your business needs, or, if necessary, schedule a technician(s) to install extra lines and ensure they are activated on your move date. It will also give you an opportunity to reconfirm the scheduling of phone service activity one month and then two weeks prior to your move date.

So, avoid the aggravation. Making sure adequate phone service is activated when you need it is just one more step towards minimizing disruption to your business operations and maximizing the opportunity for your business’ success.

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