Walls Coverings Go Digital!

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Walls. They can be used as boundaries or limitations or, as mentioned in my last blog, they can be used to encourage big idea generation, creativity and innovation. But have you ever thought of your walls literally speaking for your business?

As outrageous as that may seem, it is very possible to give your walls a voice, so to speak, through the use of digital walls and digital wall coverings.

What are digital walls?

Simply put, digital walls are specialized wall coverings onto which digital images and/or videos from a projector, for example, are played. With the use of digital technology, your walls can visually and audibly inform employees and visitors about your company, its products and services; sing a company slogan; or provide an active or interactive décor pattern to set a particular corporate ambiance.

Some digital walls, however, can also be static. A static digital wall, better referred to as a digital wall covering, is a printable wall material which has a digital photo printed on it as its main design. The wall covering is usually made up of a textured material such as vinyl, polyester, Terralon or even grass cloth. The photo could be generic as a nature scene which could augment your current office design, or could be as specific as your corporate logo—you choose.  With a digital wallcovering, your digital picture can “speak” a thousand words about your company.

Applied using typical wallpaper techniques, both digital walls and digital wall coverings can either augment your current office design or fully engage an onlooker into your corporate world in a way that no regular wallpaper can.

So, if you are wanting to scream that your company is more creative, more innovative than your competitors and is paving the way to the future, then let your walls do the talking. Give them a voice with use of digital walls and/or digital wall coverings.

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