10 Reasons an Office Move is Not Like a House Move

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Office MoveWhether you are moving into a new house or moving into a new office space, a move is a move, right? Well it may seem like that on the surface, especially when some of what needs to be done in both an office move and a residential move is the same (e.g. arrange change of address, pack, call the phone company, etc). In comparison, however, an office move has a much greater impact and greater risks associated with it, so it cannot be fully treated the same way as a residential move.

There are many factors that effect and that are affected by an office move that may have minimal to no effect in a house move. Some of those factors are outlined in the chart below:

A House Move… An Office Move…
1. Impacts a family unit Impacts 5 – 25000 + employees
2. Causes a mild interruption to family life Can cause a major interruption to all employees
3. The cost of making a mistake (e.g. forgetting to arrange the forwarding of the mail) is minimal The cost of making a mistake (e.g. forgetting to arrange the forwarding of the mail) could have a significant impact regular business operations
4. Minimal to no effect on incoming household income Possibility of significant revenue being lost due to regular operations being disrupted and sales opportunities being missed
5. Minimal moving expenses (i.e. expenses can be limited to renting a moving truck and having friends help load and unload for a pizza meal) Moving expenses being limited to renting a moving truck means higher expenses incurred by company to pay employees and disrupt regular business operations
6. No strict packing rules – items can be packed in irregular sized boxes Strict packing rule – all items must be packed in boxes of the same dimensions to facilitate easy stacking in the truck
7. One family member can take time off of work to focus on the move on moving day One staff member can be assigned to coordinate the office move but will be unfocused as that staff member would also be expected to fulfill his/her regular 40hr/week business duties
8. No operating expenses involved in family life Organizations are obligated to pay staff even if their attention is diverted away from performing regular business duties
9. Lead time required for a successful move is two months Lead time required for a successful move is two years
10. DIY approach can work successfully DIY approach is not recommended

These issues will be discussed in more detail in upcoming blogs. In the meantime, if your company has five or more employees and is planning to move into a 2000sqft – 25000sqft office space, why not contact us to arrange a 20-minute no-obligation site meeting. We’ll be able to advise you on what to expect, what to budget and how we can help.


DJ McGauley and Associates Inc. is your Office Move, Reconstruction and Reconfiguration Project Management Company of choice for the Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas. If an office move or reconstruction of your 2000 – 25,000sqft office space is a remote possibility, consider contacting us to arrange a no-obligation site meeting. We guarantee that by the end of that meeting you will know all that would be required to make your office move/reconstruction project a successful reality.

Call 416-239-1931 , email info@djmcgauleyandassociates.com, or visit our website to complete our contact form.

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