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The Sit-Stand Desk Just Got Smarter

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Electronic Sit-stand deskIf you thought having the option to sit or stand at your desk…with your desk… while you work was great, then you are going to love what the latest models of sit-stand desks offer. They have gotten smarter!

Not only do the latest models of sit-stand desks give you the option of adjusting the height of your desk to facilitate you changing positions while you work, but newer models of sit-stand desks are built with sensors that actually monitor your sit-stand activity while at your desk. Do you get so focused on your work that you forget to change your working position? No worries. These new sit-stand desks will measure how long you have been sitting and will gently and automatically adjust your desk height so that you end up standing while you continue working, then do the opposite when it senses you have stood long enough—at least that is true for the sit-stand desks that adjust electronically. Some sit-stand desk sensors will also adjust the height of a desk based on the arm or hand height of a user while in either working position. Of course, these desks work best for user’s that remember to change their position.

For those who are health conscious or want to reach/maintain certain health goals, there are sit-stand desks that are also built with sensors programmed to measure the number of calories its user burns as well as sit-stand activity during the workday. Some of these desks even have a touch-screen display no bigger than the size of a mobile phone screen built into the desk which allows its user to pre-set activity goals and sit-stand height levels as well as see their health progress during the day. (As an interesting side note, did you know that a person burns 20% – 30% more calories while standing compared to when sitting?)

Other smart features of these sit-stand desks include connectivity to blue tooth and other smart devices that allow its user to control the lights and thermostat in a room.

What is best about these new sit-stand desks is that in most cases, they remain ergonomically friendly, optimizing the comfort level for users and minimizing pressure on one’s feet and back.

So, are you in the market for a smart sit-stand desk?


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