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Please view our most recent press release. Feel free to share this release with your friend and colleagues. If you have any questions or require more information about this press release or corporate relocation in Toronto, do not hesitate to contact us.

Website to better reflect the company’s all-encompassing services

D.J. McGauley & Associates has launched a new and improved website and blog to better serve their clientele. Owner and Project Manager, Michael McGauley is proud of the website, which better reflects the company’s all-encompassing corporate relocation services as well as their ability to partner with and serve real estate agents across the GTA.

“Many people who visited our site before the re-launch would assume we are simply office movers. We would get calls a day or two before a corporate move, asking us to have everything – furniture, computer equipment, phone systems, etc – ready and operational by Monday morning. Of course, D.J. McGauley & Associates excels in this area but we can do so much more for a company if they simply call us sooner. We can make your entire relocation smooth because we understand everything from zoning to permits to renovations to security systems. We truly are the first call an organization needs to make when they have decided to relocate or even expand their existing office space,” said McGauley.

Through years of experience and know-how, D.J. McGauley & Associates has broken down the successful corporate relocation and expansion process into six steps: Find, Design, Build, Furnish, Move, and Maintain.  This six-step process is incorporated into every aspect of their new website to further drive home the point that the actual moving of furniture and equipment is just one aspect of a successful corporate expansion. In addition, they have created a blog, the purpose of which is to interact with new and existing clients, providing a platform for questions to be asked and answered.

“To have a truly seamless relocation,” said McGauley, “it is important to be aware of the big picture as well as the little details that can make or break a move. I am confident our new website and blog will better reflect this philosophy.”

You can visit the new D.J. McGauley & Associates website at www.djmcgauleyandassociates.com, and their blog at corporaterelocationadvice.com.


If you would like more information about this press release, or to schedule an interview with Michael McGauley, please contact Michael at mike@djmcgauleyandassociates.com.

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