Troubled Employees over an Office Relocation?

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3 Tips to Combat Lack of Productivity during a Corporate Move

Relocating your office is expensive enough, but it will be even more costly if the thought of moving to a new workplace causes anxiety and lack of productivity among your employees. This is a common occurrence that most companies have had to struggle with during a corporate move. Because of their desire to speed up the relocation of their office, these corporations often forget one crucial factor: employee productivity.

Here are three ways to address a recurring issue during a corporate move: lack of employee productivity.

Set a time for your employees to sort their personal work desk.

Give your employees time to set aside and organize their personal belongings and files that will be carried over to the new office location. An hour or two for two weeks at most should be enough for your employees to organize their things. If you don’t impose a specific timeframe, your employees will end up rushing their tasks or piling their files in between work hours, which should be allotted specifically for performing their work-related hours.

Communicate with your employees through and through.

According to the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program, communication plays an integral role in the success of any workplace program. Without question, an office relocation is an example of that. Put a premium in providing regular and open avenues for employees to voice their concerns. By doing this, your employees will stop speculating and they will feel all the more involved in the effort to make the office relocation as seamless and efficient as possible.

Inspire them with the features of their new workplace

Instead of stirring doubt and anxiety, why don’t you give them a glimpse of their fabulous new office? Conduct a communication campaign that will highlight the features of the new office and the improvements over their current workplace. Doing so will not only excite them but even motivate them to achieve their work goals.

At D.J. McGauley & Associates Inc we make sure that all factors will be accounted for when your business decides to move. This includes the possible resistance of your employees, undoubtedly one of your strongest assets and reasons for initiating a corporate move.

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