T’was the week before moving day…

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(The following poem is dedicated to all the businesses that are planning to relocate to a new office space in and around the holiday season.)


T’was the week before moving day

And all through the office

Everybody was scurrying

Including the bosses

There were lots to be done

To move from old place to new

But where to start

Nobody knew


So they called in a specialist

To address their quandary

Who would help them get ready

On time, budget and with little worry


“To ensure your move goes without any stress

There are 12 things that you need to address

Twelve tasks that are commonly forgotten

When companies choose to move to a new location


First, at the new space, identify

Where cable and electrical outlets lie

Then clearly define what will go where

Based on actual furniture and items that will move there


The next two tasks involve telling third parties

Of your new address and the date you will occupy it

Inform your postal service to reroute your mail

And your phone company so new phone lines won’t fail


Next is the packing but before you do

Take personal valuables home with you

Then determine what items need to be trashed

And whatever is leftover is what you should pack


Label all items that will be moved

With name and station number they should be moved to

Leave nothing amiss, not a lamp, not a chair

So the movers can deliver your items right there


Scheduling IT is the next thing to do

To disconnect at the old space and reconnect at the new

Your telecommunications system should be moved and tested

By a specialist that will ensure they perform at their best


Finally, confirm that your company name

Will be listed on the signage of your new domain

Both at the entrance and on your suite floor

So stakeholders can be easily led to your door


With all the above done, you’ll be in good shape to move

To leave the old place and embrace the new

When all is in place to meet operation needs

All that will be left is for your business to succeed.”

One thought on “T’was the week before moving day…

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