Good Office Space Designers are Great CSRs

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Designer's initial meeting with client.

It’s very easy for office space designers to offer their suggestions on how one can improve the look and feel of their office space. However, really good office space designers need to be like customer service representatives–they need to take the time to find out who you are and what needs you want addressed before presenting their solutions to you.

In fact, some really good office space designers actually exude of the traits of great CSRs.

They are great probers and listeners. Great office space designers not only ask questions but take time to listen to their clients in order to gain a full understanding of an organization’s “personality” vision, mission and goals.

Great office space designers are patient when interacting with clients who may not be able to clearly communicate the details of their ideal office space as well as when coming up with the ideal design to make that optimal office space a reality.

Great office space designers are good time managers, aiming to deliver the best office designs for their clients’ approval on time and within budget.

Great office space designers are solution-oriented, developing designs that creatively address the unique challenges and operations of each client they serve.

Great office space designers are client-focused, keeping their client’s vision, mission, goals and “personality” at the core of each layout they develop.

Great office space designers are knowledgeable in their field of design and in the industries in which they chose to serve. They not only need to know how to draw up an office design, but they need to be fully aware of any limitations an office space may have as well as all building code standards.

Finally, great office space designers are committed. They are committed to providing quality solutions to office space needs through their designs as well as all around quality service to their clientele.

So, if your designer exudes the above CSR traits, you can rest assured that you have a great office space designer.


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