5 Elements That Help Bring Nature Into Your Office Space

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Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital's indoor Nature Valley Walkway--A great example of the use of plants and wooden architecture to bring nature into this lobby space.
Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital’s indoor Nature Valley Walkway–A great example of the use of plants and wooden architecture to bring nature into this lobby space.

April 22nd was Earth Day, a day in which people were reminded to protect, value and maintain the environment. For some, it meant planting a tree or two. For others, it was a reminder to go green by consuming less energy, utilizing renewable energy or choosing less pollution-inducing ways to travel from one location to another. For the office space design world, however, it is an ever developing trend to find different ways to bring nature into the immediate work environment.

Here are just five elements of nature that have inspired office space design specialists to incorporate the outdoors into an office space design:

  1. Living plants – From potted plants to entire gardens, living plants have been the most common used elements in bringing the outdoors into an office space design.
  2. Moving Water – The movement or flow of water is said to have tranquil calming effect on people who need to take time to clear their minds and prepare for new tasks. Hence, water in the form of small pools, fountains and/or waterfalls has been another element commonly used to bring both the sights and sounds of nature into an office space design.
  3. Wood and/or stone materials – Whether it is in the panelling, the floor, the furniture, the accessories, or a major part of the architecture, natural wood or stone finishes are becoming more and more popular in office space designs.
  4. Patterns and textures of nature even in the non-nature items – Sometimes fabrics or artwork with pictures or patterns from nature, or the use of “golf green” in certain areas of an office space has been used as an effective way to incorporate nature into an office space design.
  5. Life itself – Though not for every office, creating an enclosed area where small birds can fly and sing freely or fish can swim has been used to effectively create an outdoor nature experience within an office space design.

Companies and design specialists recognize the invaluable relationship between nature and people. Humans are more productive, creative and innovative when exposed to a natural environment, maybe because of the increased oxygen levels or the calmness and tranquility it imposes on the mind. Nature comes alive when humans recognize and take care of it. Hence, bringing this “eco-system” into an office space design makes sense, especially for companies wanting to have the cutting edge within their industries.


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