The Power of “Thank You”

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dreamstime_xl_20255371Thank you–It’s a phrase that can easily be taken for granted, especially in business, but when it is said or expressed in a timely and relative fashion to colleagues, employees or even clientele, it creates a wave of positive results for a business:

Thank you” encourages your best employees to continue being the best…or get even better. Whether they come up with a really innovative idea, or follow through on a project or close a sale, saying or expressing a “thank you” will encourage the recipients to do even better next time, and maybe surrounding employees to achieve the same thus ensuing a positive effect on employee performance.

Thank you” helps companies keep the best employees. A business that cultivates “thank you” as part of its culture or environment will encourage its best employees to stick with them and not veer towards the competition.

Thank you” improves business performance. With your employees feeling appreciated, business productivity could easily increase or improve. Deadlines and business opportunities would likely be achieved more often instead of missed.

Thank you” encourages repeat business, especially if a client’s needs were met or exceeded the first or previous times.

Heck, I’ll even go as far to say that based on all the above, “Thank you” can have a direct positive effect on your bottom line!

Saying or expressing a “thank you” does not need to be expensive, but it does needs to be

  1. Timely – said at or as close to the time the event or action being thanked for has taken place,
  2. Specific – expressed in direct relation to the exact event, action or result being thanked for, and
  3. Relative to the recipient(s) receiving the “Thank you”. There are many ways to say “thank you” — cards, public recognition, gift certificates, awards, luncheons, social media recognition, etc—but not every way works effectively for everyone. Get to know your employees, and you will know how to best say “thanks” to them when they do something that helps achieve your business goals.

Most importantly, saying “Thank you” needs to be a carefully crafted business strategy that when done well, can give a business a competitive edge in the marketplace.


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