5 Ways to Spread a Little “Love” Around the Office

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valentine-thank-youFebruary, the month where some people think about how to best express their love and appreciation for the person or people who have invested a portion of their lives to impact one’s own life. Usually, the “person” or “people” refer to family members or significant others, but what about the people who have chosen to invest their time and talent into the success of your business? How can you show a little “Love” to those people? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Have a Valentine-themed In-Office Luncheon Party. Whether it’s ordering pizza or gourmet sandwiches or any other delicatessen your team enjoys, ordering lunch in the office for your team shows them that you appreciate who they are and all that they do for your business. As for the Valentine theme, a quick trip to a nearby dollar store for a red/white table covering and package of foil hearts can inexpensively add an exclamation mark to your expression of appreciation for the team and its efforts.
  2. Alternatively, you can take your team out for lunch to achieve the same effect as #1 above. Just be mindful that this option can eat up some valuable time during business hours.
  3. Give a candy-gram or flower-gram card with a personal note of appreciation to each team member. Individually wrapped candy or chocolate, or a flower such as a carnation with a note of “thanks” is also a nice way to express your appreciation towards your team members. An added touch would be for you to deliver the grams personally to each team member when they come in the office so that you can verbally thank them for all that they do.
  4. Send e-cards or e-messages. For those of you who work with a team whose members primarily work at remote sites, sending an e-card expressing your appreciation for all that they do could be a good way to spread the “love”. Of course this option does not have to be limited to your team members. It could also be extended to your clientele and other stakeholders that contribute significantly to the success of your business
  5. Add a recreational item to the office that everyone coming into the office can enjoy when they need a break. I know—a little different from the previous ideas above, but the idea behind adding a recreational piece to the office space—a pool table with accessories, foosball table, table tennis with accessories, etc – especially if your office does not already have this, is two-fold. First, it says “Thanks. You are valuable members…” to your team, just in a more grandeur way. Second, the recreational piece adds a health element to your office space, giving your team members an alternative way to release stress and get their creative juices flowing while in the office. It can also “break the ice” when meeting with existing or potential clientele.

There are probably countless other ways to express your appreciation to your team members. I have only named a few. The key is to make sure you give or do something that your team can and will appreciate in the short and/or long term. They will reciprocate by continuing to ensure your business remains competitive and successful.


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