What Does Your Reception Desk Actually Say To Your Visitors?

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 You may have a valet parking service outside your office or an awesome online presence, but your reception desk is one of the key places in your office that gives your visitors a first impression of your company.
So what is your reception desk actually saying to your visitors?
Well it should be saying the obvious: “Welcome to our company. Here is where you will find the answer to your queries or be connected with one of our staff”. But it could be conveying messages, even secrets, about your company just based on the style of the reception desk itself.
The reception desk can come in various styles, most of which can be grouped in either a traditional or contemporary style.
The traditional styled reception desk (typically marked by a dark wood finish with sharp 45 and/or 90 degree angles and possibly with embossed designs similar to those found on your kitchen cupboard) could subconsciously portray to your visitors a message of your organization being “steady”, “solid”, “secure”, “experienced” or “around a long time”. It could be saying, “What has been will always be” when it comes to the operation of your business or conversely “no need to change” in the face of a changing world. It may also convey a message of a majority of your staff being more knowledgeable and on the mature side, possibly being with your company or in your industry for many years. The traditional style of a reception desk could be great for law offices, private medical offices, insurance offices, the stock market, or any industry where such messages are a proper reflection of the business.
The contemporary styled reception desk (usually characterized by smooth lines and or soft curvatures in various custom shapes, colours, and sizes and in various finishes, from light wood to metal or from marble to glass) can convey many other messages about your organization. For example, a C-shaped or S-shaped reception desk could convey that the company it represents is well-rounded, flexible, adaptable, or has a relaxed but protected environment while a contemporary styled straight shaped reception desk may suggest that your company is a no-nonsense player in your industry and other irregular shapes may convey a message of  uniqueness or creativity . The use of glass or other see-through materials may convey a sense of transparency or “we have nothing to hide” while the use of lights and two-toned colors may convey a message of diversity, uniqueness or emphasize
“We have the answers! Come here! This is the place you want to be”.

Now, we realize that most companies may choose a reception desk based on what they like, but you should not take
for granted that the reception desk can assist in making a first and lasting impression about your company to your visitors. What is really important is that your reception desk is designed in such a way that is consistent with the corporate image you want your company to portray.

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